Coors Field Tour

Coors Field Tour

Coors Field Tour

The Colorado Rockies are still a young team competing amongst more established teams throughout the National League, but the Rockies have still gained a strong following among fans of the game in the Rocky Mountain region. The beautiful location surrounding the stadium and the city of Denver provide fans with other tourist opportunities to enjoy when they are in town for a Rockies game.

Coors Field officially opened its gates in 1993 and the Rockies have managed in its 20 year history to make to the playoffs three times. This bodes well for the boys who live for the game who hope to someday take the Rockies all the way to the World Series.

Tours are offered Monday through Saturday during the baseball season and Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during the off-season. The tours last about 75 to 80 minutes and cover about a mile of walking so come prepared. Fans who are disabled will be glad to know that all tours are accessible for them, too.

All tours start at Gate D at 20th and Blake Street. Ticket prices vary according to the time of the year, number of guests and whether it is a Private tour. On non-game days tours are offered at 10, 12, and 2 o’clock. Game day tours are offered at 10 and 12. If there is an afternoon game, no tour will be offered. During the off-season, public tours are offered at 12 and 2.

Prices for Public tours during the baseball season are:

Adults: $9
Seniors: $7
Kids: $6
During the offseason the prices change:

Adults: $7
Seniors: $6
Kids: $5
Groups of 25 or more MUST schedule a private tour at least 3 weeks in advance. During the off-season ticket prices are:

Adults: $6
Seniors: $5
Kids( aged 3-12): $4
During the baseball season the prices for private group tours:

Adults: $8
Seniors: $6
Kids: $5

Fans that walk up or plan ahead for their tours will see the dugouts, visitor’s clubhouse, Press and Club Levels, and Suite Level. They will also tour the Concourse areas. The dugout and clubhouse will not be visited on Game Days.
For an inexpensive day of fun with friends and families you cannot go wrong with a tour of Coors field. The tour is easy to attend and enjoy for all and the memories will last for years to come. If you or a family member have a birthday coming up soon, why not plan a tour?

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