Marlins Park Tour

Marlins Park Tour

Marlins Park Tour

For the first years of the the Miami Marlins history with Major League Baseball they shared a stadium with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. Finally in 2012 the team opened their own park located at the site of the Orange Bowl called Marlins Park. The team has already won two World Series Championships even before establishing a permanent home. Prior to the 2011 season the team was called the Florida Marlins, but that changed in 2012 when they became the Miami Marlins. Let’s hope that they will continue to field championship teams in their new home under their new name.

Marlin Park is one of the more intimate parks in MLB with only 37,000 seats. The Park has an award winning retractable roof and other state of the art features, including and rare feature in Baseball called the “Art in Places” located all over the grounds. Another special feature that sets the Marlins team apart are their Dance/Cheer team; the first ever in MLB. How fun and sort of crazy is that?

Fans who wish to tour the “Jewel of Major League” can purchase tickets to see such sites as the clubhouse, batting cage, the Art in Places displays, Bobble head Display, premium seating areas, and the actual playing field.
You can purchase tickets at the Box Office located at Felo Ramirez drive.

Tickets cost $10 per person and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Tickets are purchased for the particular date and time so you should plan to buy your ticket for the specific day you wish to visit. Tours are offered Monday through Saturday at 10 am and 2 pm, except on days that games are played at home and on days for special events.

Groups of 25 or more people MUST schedule their tours by appointment only. Visit their website to learn how to set up your larger group tours.

Enjoy the experience of watching this team become a part of history and enjoy learning about their bitter rivalries with the New York Mets and the other Florida-based team in the “other” league, the Tampa Bay Rays. Share in the fun and excitement of learning more about Marlin Park. When you come to attend games you can show off your knowledge and give your friends a tour of the public places like the art displays and bobble heads. You will love your day in the sun with the Marlins.

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